A firm grip on costs and deadlines

Organising developments

Completing projects on time and within budget requires tight processes and organisational structures. We analyse the requirements, determine any optimisation opportunities, and advise you on the formation of highly efficient development units.

  • Process and organisation analysis with assessments and improvement measures according to SPICE, CMMI and ISO 26262
  • Advice for the formation of new development units and optimisation of existing development units within your organisation
Image: Process and organisation analysis

Reducing costs

The development of advanced technological products is accompanied by risks that can quickly turn into a money pit. Cost minimisation and control require a realistic project plan and professional project management. This should be accompanied by targeted processes and suitably qualified team members, correct methodologies, and the right tools. We will support you with the establishment and operation of a project management office that provides efficient assistance to the project leaders, guarantees project transparency across all stages of development, and delivers targeted reports for company management.

Image: Reducing costs

Meeting deadlines

Our team members will support you throughout all critical project situations, instating specialised task forces or even interim management structures that will help you to meet your project deadlines on time and within budget.