Ideas, opportunities, successes

There are many, many ideas in the world. When you are working with the right partner, however, your ideas can be transformed into real-world opportunities. We will help you to turn your ideas into successes.

Incorporating ideas into research

We observe and assess vehicle functions from a range of perspectives – vehicle manufacturers, developers, as well as drivers. We actively introduce creative impulses and new ideas into research.

Evaluating opportunities in the pre-development stage

Our research results are subjected to rigorous professional testing, which lets us determine their market potential. Is the new vehicle function economical for the manufacturer? How does it compare to competing products? Will vehicle owners be prepared to pay for it?

The answers to these questions are crucial to the product's success.

  • We will support you with:
  • Market and technology assessments
  • Feasibility studies, prototype development, testing
  • Market introduction scenarios, cost/benefit analyses
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Ensuring success for serial production

We create technological concepts for software-based functions in embedded vehicle systems, and we develop a range of solutions that are ready for serial production:

  • Driver assistance
  • Driver comfort
  • Infotainment