Only the best is good enough

As the quality of our software solutions is a primary concern at Carmeq, quality monitoring begins during the earliest stages of development. By doing so, we use with professional competence proven, internationally standardised norms and models. This guarantees that all quality factors are accounted for and gives you the assurance that the services we provide are 100% reliable.

  • Every individual requirement can be traced, with individual quality criteria automatically checked through tool-based requirements capturing
  • Flexible modifications and error reduction through automatic serial code generation, thanks to model-based development
  • Detection and correction of mistakes even before the commencement of software development thanks to tool-based generation of accurate in-depth simulations

As a subsidiary of Volkswagen, we take full advantage of the VW Group's membership in the international development committee AUTOSIG. We receive the latest standardisation decisions first-hand and also have the opportunity to stimulate new developments ourselves.

A word from our auditor

In the fourth year of the management system's ISO 9001 certification, all the company areas again display an outstanding managerial competency. Most notably, the management processes are regularly monitored via internal audits and have to prove themselves in practice over and over. If something doesn't work, it's changed. This modification process is applied rigorously and is very transparent thanks to the tools involved. I'm already looking forward to the next audit. Thomas Hermsdorf
Auditor for DQS GmbH, the German Association
of Management Systems Certification,
one of the world's biggest certification associations