30 July 2002



Managing Directors

Dr. Stefan E. Ortmann, Karl Sempf


Who we are

Our corporate culture

At Carmeq, we are not only proud of our focus on the exciting concepts surrounding the future of mobility, but also our outstanding expert teams. If you ask our employees why they like working for us, they’ll probably tell you: “the great atmosphere”.

Our unique philosophy combines our experiences from our first 15 years in business with our passion and openness to the future. Which also includes team spirit and genuine enjoyment of the job. Ours is a relationship that extends beyond the 9-5. Everyone comes together at our summer and Christmas parties, the band plays all year long, and sport is a big part of our culture. We also have regular campaigns to encourage our staff to work on social projects.

At Carmeq, you’re amongst friends. We involve our employees in many of our decisions. Because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to shape their workplace. We treat each other with respect and trust. No-one ever has to feel alone here. Whether you’re working on a creative or technical process, you’ll find someone to bounce ideas off in your own team or just down the corridor. So the good ones always have somewhere to land. Our management team’s doors are always open and close by. We are very proud to offer a lively working culture where everyone is treated as an equal.

Ready for the future

We drive innovation

We think ahead

One place this is particularly clear to see is at our biennial innovation competition. All of our employees can make up their own minds, what they consider to be exciting ideas for the future or what they would like to work on. After a two-month submission period, all of the ideas are posted on the intranet.

Interdisciplinary teams quickly start to form around them, and we have a forum to foster discussion. An expert panel of experienced personnel/assessors/professionals then employ a transparent assessment process to choose the six finalists. The criteria: the idea should be innovative, sellable, relatively simple to implement and promising for us as a business. The teams then have two months to get their suggestions ready to present at the InnoSlam.

A space for creative minds: the InnoRaum

Here at Carmeq, we recently opened up a new comfort zone for creativity: the “InnoRaum”. If it’s projectors and technology you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. Instead, we have whiteboards and flipcharts for you to scribble on, note down ideas and play around with things by hand, however the mood takes you.

The bright, fresh wood-effect seating invites you to settle in and get comfortable while you work. Divided into separate seating areas, and of course with wireless LAN access, there’s plenty of room to bounce ideas off of one another. The flexible furniture can be adapted to the size of your team and your needs at the time. Why work in a cold, sterile meeting room when you can design the future while looking out over the Spree?


Where we work

Our headquarters is located in Berlin, right in the heart of a technology campus. We also have offices in Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg. So, we can get to you quickly when you need us.


For some, a nightlife capital. For others, an attitude to life. Berlin is famous for its diversity and culture, and its often still sensible prices. But the German capital also offers plenty of quieter spaces and natural surroundings to enjoy.

Location Carnotstraße (Headquarter)
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Standort Salzufer
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This metropolis in northern Bavaria is growing at a pace. Half a million people live in the area. The more than 1200-year-old city with its famous historic centre became Bavaria’s first university town in 1472. Today, modern art, sport and of course the Donau are all central to the city’s culture.

Location Friedrichshofener Str.
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Hear Wolfsburg, think Volkswagen. But this young town in Lower Saxony is so much more than that. It has a lively cultural heart, including its art museum and the Phaeno science museum designed by star architect Zaha Hadid. And for those who like to stay in touch with nature, there are bird protection areas and moors just outside the city.

Location Westrampe
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