Employee profiles

Waldemar Kuznik — Software Designer

I work as a software designer specialising in optical sensors.

This means I make sure the imaging receives precise data for driver assistance functions and the customers get a high-quality image.

The best thing about my job I can work independently and play a part in pioneering topics.

In my field, you need to work with high precision. It also takes a healthy dose of creativity to make sure the reality mirrors the theory as closely as possible.

Waldemar Kuznik
Environment recognition and analysis

David Ilgener
Software verification

David Ilgener — Software developer

I work as a software developer for embedded systems on the project “Charging Management”.

This means I’m responsible for developing model-based software that enables e-vehicles to be charged.

The best thing about my job Exciting topics land on my desk each and every day, so there’s never a dull moment.

In my field, you need to know software inside out.