Benefits for our employees

Employee satisfaction takes a front seat with us. You’d like to organise your own day?
Take some time out and see the world? Have you also been contemplating a pension plan for some time now?
It’s all possible at Carmeq!

Trust-based working hours
and handling plus hours

Striking a work-life balance is extremely important for Carmeq’s employees. Therefore, they can start and end their working day freely within a defined framework. Moreover, every employee has the possibility of recording required overtime in the form of plus hours, taking them as full days off to offset the overtime or be paid for them.

Company pension scheme at
Volkswagen employee conditions

Carmeq offers its employees a company pension scheme at Volkswagen conditions. With the Beteiligungsrente I scheme, Carmeq provides an employer-funded pension. Following the successful completion of the trial period, Carmeq invests EUR 27 per month in the Volkswagen Pension Trust for each employee with a permanent contract, and converts it into pension credits.

Moreover, employees can take out an employer-funded pension for themselves (the “Beteiligungsrente II” scheme), which is funded from the deferred compensation.

take-a-break@carmeq –
timeout for employees

Carmeq offers its employees the option of taking a break of up to six months. This break is composed of holiday, overtime and unpaid leave of absence.

13 weeks
of continued salary payment

Following the successful completion of the employee’s trial period, Carmeq grants the continued payment of the full salary for up to 13 weeks in the event of illness – in contrast to the legally stipulated six weeks (§ 3 par. 1 EntgFG).

Free external counselling for employees
and their families from the Fürstenberg Institut

The health and wellbeing of its employees is important to Carmeq. When facing all manner of personal stress situations, Carmeq employees can get help from an external counselling service. The Fürstenberg Institut’s full range of services is free for all employees and their families and partners, and confidential as regards the employer. Work-related stress can also be discussed in the counselling session.

Vehicle leasing at
Volkswagen employee conditions

Carmeq employees can lease cars from Volkswagen at monthly leasing rates from 1.0 per cent of the recommended retail price (RRP). In doing so, they enjoy the same conditions as Volkswagen employees. The lease agreement is concluded directly between the employee and Volkswagen AG. The monthly leasing rates and the tax on the non-cash benefit are automatically deducted by Volkswagen during the payroll accounting.

Accident insurance

Carmeq takes out an accident insurance policy with insurance company HDI Global SE for every employee. The coverage level amounts to EUR 30,000 in case of death and EUR 60,000 in case of incapacity. The insurance policy covers both work-related accidents and private incidents, and is effective from the completion of the trial period.